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Address: 1630 Oakland Rd, Suite A217, San Jose, CA 95131


Phone:  4089088281

License number: 1072628

You are welcome to visit us at the office and contact us for any questions

The ultimate goal is to fix-up the community as much as we can to make it a better and more comfortable place to be

We believe

Giving back to the community is so important. We believe in helping enrich less fortunate communities as a great way to both broaden our perceptions of the world, and to enhance the world we live in.

We decided to reach out to less fortunate communities, to do volunteer work like renovations to schools, orphanages, homeless shelters and more to better develop their way of life. It not only feels good for them, but it also gives us a unique sense of purpose that cannot be bought.

One of the most important things for human life is shelter. And since we are the experts in this field we decided it's only right to give what we can. Once we hear of those who need our skills to better their way of life we hop right on the opportunity of helping our less fortunate neighbors.


We only hope that by lending a helping hand we can help lead a force for change in the social and economic culture gap. Even this small contribution can bring on a bigger one, with a pay-it-forward mentality that can in turn change the world around us.

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License number: 1072628
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