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At Golden View Renovation, we offer a unique approach to every remodel we come across. We look at the customers’ needs and offer a detailed customer-focused plan and based on their specific needs.

We take into consideration 3 major aspects within every renovation, those aspects are:


using affordable alternatives that won’t impact the quality of the design if budget is a major constraint.

human engineering aspects

take into consideration the client’s height, whether they’re right or left-handed, any personal issues that might impact the design of this space, and also whether the space will be used by kids and adults, or just adults.

usage of the space

This isn’t just a consultation but rather an in-depth discussion, and our goal is to build a relationship so we can create the perfect space. We make sure that it’s built, so the person actually wants to use the space, and not just how pretty it is.

How does designing Process work?


we begin with an introduction and initial meeting between the designer, architect, and the client. Together, we go over first what the client wants out of the space and also any budget and other constraints that are important.


we take measurements of the space we’ll be working with, and if there’s a wall that must be knocked down, we also factor in any additional size changes.


we go with the client to choose the finished materials in showrooms that’ll be put into the space. This includes cabinets, fixtures, and appliances.


we take everything we’ve gone over with the client up to this point along with the materials and measurements, and put it into our algorithm. From there, we provide a full rendering of the space for the client to see how this will look

in the end

This is a real picture of the final product based on what the designers are shown, the vision the client has, and also the materials chosen.

Golden View uses this with all of its projects. Whether it’s an additions to the home or a full bathroom/kitchen remodel.

The process is seamless and simple and provides for you exactly what you want out of your dream renovation.

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