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Looking to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on your property? An ADU can be a great addition for extra living space, storage space, or even as a rental unit. It can also be a great long-term investment.

Since the new laws on developing these accessory dwelling units many have decided to avoid building them all together. But with the Golden View Algorithm, and team of experts, we make it possible to create the right unit for you according to your needs, that will also be in line with the most up to date state regulations.

So how does it work?

Step 1: Evaluation

The most important part of creating an ADU is understanding what is possible based on regulations. These can be based on location, rear yard coverage, and even materials are changing constantly. We navigate those complexities, so you know what you can build and understand what works for within your budget.

Step 2: Designing

Once we understand we are able to build we use our unique algorithm to understand the perfect design that will work for you. Our Golden view Renovation algorithm, makes it possible to create the right design while substantially reducing design costs and eliminating uncertainty during the permitting process. Each client is provided a series of floor plans with elevations that work for their property and, of course, their needs. Every ADU is also extremely personalized, so that each client can choose the right interior design options for their personality and budget. We also offer a range of upgrades that can be added to projects.

Step 3: Building

The final step is providing a detailed scope of the work that will go into the production of your ADU. We provide the schedule, purchase materials and detailed plan. Simultaneously our design team represents your project and submits for your permits, addressing any building or planning department adjustments. Once we get the final approval and finalize all of the details involved with building your ADU we get started on making your dreams a reality.

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